6.8 Western

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Browning Silver Series 6.8Western 170gr Ammunition
Browning Silver Series ammunition celebrates the timeless tradition of big game hunting with a modern version of the classic soft-point bullet. The heavy projectiles with precision-plated bullet jacke..
Winchester Expedition Big Game Long Range 6.8Wstrn 165gr Nosler ABLR Ammunition
Flat shooting with pinpoint accuracy, Winchester Expedition Big Game Long Range uses the tough, deep penetrating Accubond Long Range bullet for supreme performance on the biggest game even at longer d..
Winchester Copper Impact 6.8Western 162gr Ammunition
Copper Impact® ammunition is engineered specifically for big game hunters, utilizing a tough solid copper expanding projectile that provides more impact trauma, better energy transfer, and larger woul..
Winchester Copper Impact 6.8 Western 162gr Ammunition
Deer Season XP Copper Impact ammunition combines extensive experience into a product engineered specifically for deer hunters. The Extreme Point, copper-solid bullet features an oversized impact diame..

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