223 Ammunition

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Federal Power Shok 223Rem SP 64gr Ammunition
Product Overview The only tag these loads won't fill is the price tag. The traditional lead-core hunting bullets in Federal® Power•Shok® rifle loads provide solid accuracy and power at an affor..
Winchester WM193 5.56mm 5.56mm 55gr FMJ Ammunition
Backed by generations of legendary excellence, Winchester "USA White Box" stands for consistent performance and outstanding value, offering high-quality ammunition to suit a wide range of hunter's and..
Winchester Varmint X 223 Rem 40gr Ammunition
Winchester Varmint X 223 Rem 40gr Ammunition Varmint X is designed specificaly for the demands of predator and vermint hunters.  The sleek, polymer-tipped bullets are explosive upon impact.&nb..
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