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Barnes Expander MZ 50cal 250gr - 15Pack
This muzzleloader version of the X-Bullet is 100 percent copper with a large, hollow cavity for quick, sure expansion. Barnes' Expander MZ™ Muzzleloader Bullets produce more consistent shot-to-shot ve..
Barnes Spit Fire MZ 50Cal 285gr BT Bullets
A streamlined semi-spitzer ogive, boattail base and tack-driving accuracy make the Barnes Spit-Fire™ MZ a great choice for difficult long shots. Deadly at high and low velocities. Six razor-sharp copp..
Barnes Spit-Fire T-EZ 50Cal 250gr Bullets - 15Pack
Barnes' Spit-Fire T-EZ muzzleloader bullets load easily, even in tight or fouled bores. The sabot design reduces the ramrod pressure required to load and seat these .50-caliber, flat-base bullets. T-E..
CVA Powerbelt 50Cal 270gr Bullets
Mfg Item Num: AC1553AT Category: BLACK POWDER BULLETS Caliber :50 Black Powder Bullet Type :Aero Tip Grain :270gr Rounds/box :15 PK ..
Hodgdon Triple Seven 50/30 Pellets
Triple Seven 50/30 is a 50-caliber, 30-grain pellet designed for use in conjunction with 50/50 pellets to tailor loads specific to a given rifle. The 50/30 Pellets may be used in any combination with ..
Hodgdon Triple Seven Firestar Pellets - 10 Pack
Hodgdon - Triple Seven Firestar - Pellets This pellet is designed for a 50-caliber inline muzzleloader used with a 209 primer. Features revolutionary design utilizing geometric star- shape to deliv..
Hornady 50Cal Sabot w/44Cal 240gr HP XTP Bullet
50 Cal Sabot with 44 Cal 240 gr HP XTP® Bullet 240gr Item #6720 | 20/Box     Effective in both traditional and modern muzzleloading rifles, these green saboted projectiles u..
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