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CVA Replacement Ramrod for Traditions Muzzleloaders - Fits 24" Barrel
This solid aluminum ramrod makes reloading and cleaning your muzzleloader a breeze, especially at the range. The PalmSaver™ Ramrod consists of a solid aluminum rod with a special jag on one end that i..
Traditions 209 Brass Capper
Designed to hold twelve 209 primers. Easy to use, just squeeze lanyard loop to remove from body, load primers, and replace lanyard loop. Can be used on most in-line muzzleloaders.   ..
Traditions Adjustable Powder Measure - Solid Brass
Measures exact loads from 10 to 120 grains. The non-spill swivel spout design levels the poured propellant on closing. Made of solid brass. A must for safe, accurate shooting. ..
Traditions Buckstalker 50cal Muzzleloader w/Weaver 3-9x40 Riflescope
Traditions™ Buckstalker™ is one of the most value-packed muzzleloaders on the market today! The .50 cal. Buckstalker™ has a 24" barrel that makes it perfect for any situation, from shots in dense brus..
Traditions Buckstalker Black / Stainless Cerakote 50Cal Muzzleloader w/Rings & Base
The Buckstalker™ is a value-packed muzzleloader offering a lightweight, feature packed rifle at a great price! This compact and manoeuvrable firearm combines many of Traditions™ best features in one r..
Traditions Bullet Starter & Ramrod Extension
A versatile screw-on ramrod extension and bullet starter with a palm-saver handle. Brass tip unscrews to expose 10/32 threads that attach to a ramrod for use at the shooting bench. For use with .45 ca..
Traditions Cleaning 2" Round Patches - 200 Per Bag
EZ Clean™ 2 Cleaning Patches. White, round cotton cleaning patches. Packaged in a convenient zip-close bag. Great for use on all types of firearms. .45-.54 caliber, 200 per bag. ..
Traditions Compact Brass Field Flask
Compact, easy-to-carry flask designed especially for hunters. Solid brass. Precise valve dispenser with 30-grain spout for accurate powder handling. Holds approximately 2.5 ox. of black powder or blac..
Traditions Field Powder Measure
A calibrated, brass pocket-size measure to carry while hunting. Adjustable to hold from 30 to 120 grains.   ..
Traditions Hunter Brass Powder Measure
Measures exact loads from 5 to 120 grains. Solid brass. ..
Traditions Pursuit G4 50Cal Muzzleloader Black/Stainless *Cerakote* 26" Fluted Barrel - w/Rings & Base
Traditions Pursuit G4 Black/Stainless *Cerakote* w/Rings & Base 26" Fluted Barrel 50Cal Black/Stainless Cerakote Rings & Base in Box ..
Traditions Pursuit VAPR XT Hardwoods .50Cal Muzzleloader - Ultralight Cerakote 26" Barrel
The Traditions® Pursuit VAPR™ XT Hardwoods Rifle is a feature-packed muzzleloader that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Traditions has added to their popular Pursuit™ lineup by including this ha..
Traditions Pursuit XT Camo Stainless 50Cal Muzzleloader w/Scope
The Pursuit™ XT takes the popular Pursuit™ line to the next level! The Pursuit™ XT is outfitted with a 26″ Chromoly steel barrel. Chromoly steel has long been recognized as the best barrel materi..
Traditions Quick-T Ramrod Handle
Traditions Quick-T™ Ramrod Handle makes loading and reloading your rifle faster and easier! This accessory sits on your ramrod when it is in the storage position so you can take it with you when you h..
Traditions Sabot Loading Tool for .50Cal
Solid brass aligner specially designed to reduce bullet distortion during loading of sabot and conical bullets. 10/32 thread. For .50 cal. ..
Traditions Smackdown .50Cal 250gr Bullets -15PK
Smackdown Muzzleloader Bullet with Polymer Tip:   Proprietary yellow spire point polymer tip Tapered copper jacket interlocked with lead core for controlled expansion This bullet was..
Traditions Smackdown Carnivore .50Cal 250gr Bullets - 15PK
The SMACKDOWN® Carnivore™ bullets feature the hard hitting polycarbonate tip which reduces drag and allows the bullet to fly straighter. It has been meticulously manufactured to extremely tight t..
Traditions Smackdown XR 250gr 50Cal Bullets - 15PK
The Smackdown® XR™ line of bullets is designed as a lighter, faster bullet allowing you to extend your range. This traditional lead projectile features a proprietary plating process encapsulating..
Traditions Storage Tubes - 3PK
Perfect for storage of extra projectiles, Pyrodex® pellets, lead shot, sabots, etc. Can also be used for a Magnum Fast-Loader. 3 pellets, sabot, or projectiles. 5 1/2 inches in length. Cut down to the..
Traditions Universal Magnum Fast Loader - 3PK
Handy container to hold your projectile and pre-measured powder. Each tube can hold up to 150 grains of loose or pelletized powder. Able to be used with all calibers. 3 per package. ..
Traditions Vortek StikerFire LDR VAPR .50Cal Muzzleloader - Realtree Edge/Premium Cerakote Finish
Now outfitted with a VAPR™ twist barrel, the Vortek StrikerFire® LDR has been upgraded to a 1:24” twist. This faster twist rate will better stabilize bullets, increase accuracy, and also expand the ra..
Traditions Vortek StrikerFire VAPR .50Cal Muzzleloader - Stainless Barrel
The Traditions® Vortek StrikerFire™ VAPR™ Muzzleloader Rifle takes in-line muzzleloaders to the next level by removing the need for an external hammer and replacing it with an internal StrikerFire™ Sy..
Traditions Wonderlube 1000 Plus Bore Cleaner
All natural solvent removes petroleum residue and seasons bore during cleaning. Compatible with other WonderLube 1000 Plus™ products. Includes 29ml (8 fl. oz) bottle. ..

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