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Speer Boat-Tail .308 180gr Rifle Bullets - 100/Box
Product Overview   Extend your range on medium game with Speer® Boat-Tail bullets. Designed for the long-range shooter, these bullets’ tapered heel flattens trajectories and decreases w..
Speer Target Match Rifle Bullet .308 168gr - 100/Box
Product Overview   Shooting at extreme range requires a special kind of bullet. Speer® Target Match projectiles have what it takes to go the distance thanks to a low drag profile, high ..
Speer Impact 6.5mm Bullet .264 140gr Bullets - 50/Box
Take your hunts, your handloads and your shots farther. The Speer® Impact bullet blends tough, molecularly bonded construction with a high ballistic coefficient. Its groundbreaking Slipstream..
Speer Varmint Soft Point Bullet .224
When you’d prefer controlled expansion over explosive terminal effects, choose Speer® Varmint Soft Points. Their Spitzer tip provides both accuracy and superior terminal performance.   ..

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