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Radical Peep Sights
Radical Peep Sights Super Duece 38/Ultra Engineered or today's shorter, faster bows. 38 Degree angle mounted aluminum peep sight. Available in 7/32" (Ultra) or 3/16" Aperture *** Available in Orange, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue *** If ordering online please specify color and size that you would like ...Details
Precision Peeps
Precison Peeps Rear Peep Sight for Compound Bows Center post gives accurate reference point Post corrects common alignment mistakes 5/16" aperture alows for a clear field of view 7000 series Aluminum for light-weight strength How to Aim: Align the proper distance pin of your front sight directly on top of the post. Just like any sight system, you'll have to do some adjusting before your hunt. Once your front pins are dialed i...Details
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