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Slick Trick

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Slick Trick 100gr Standard Alcatraz Bladelock 4 Blade Broadhead
Weight: 100 Grain .035 SS Lutz Blades Super steel ferrule Alcatraz bladelock system Total cutting diameter 1" + 1" = 2" ...Details
Slick Trick 85gr Alcatraz Bladelock 4Blade Broadhead
Slick Trick broadheads have all of the features that today's bowhunters demand from a hunting head. The Rhinosteel ferrule coupled with Slick Trick's patented Alcatraz Bladelock technology yields exceptional strength and durability to the head. The 4-blade design and the razor sharp .035" thick Lutz Solingen blades will produce devastating wound channels and massive blood trails. With their shorter ferrule and compact blade design these heads fea...Details
Slick Trick Crossbow 150 1 1/8"
Slick Trick Crossbow 150 1 1/8" With a proven mix of geometry and weight, this head is designed to quickly stabilize short crossbow bolts for perfect flight and exceptional accuracy. With bone-crushing penetration this head offers a huge cut, strength, penetration and reliability all in a replaceable blade package specifically designed for today’s ultra-fast crossbows. ~~With a proven mix of geometry and weight, this head is designed to quickl...Details
Slick Trick Magnum D6 100 1 1/8"
Slick Trick Magnum D6 100 1 1/8" Our best selling head – a super-short broadhead designed to rival the flight and cutting diameter of mechanical heads with the confidence and reliability that only comes with a fixed-blade design. With 1 ⅛'' of cutting diameter this four-blade, low-profile design provides devastating results and is the perfect design to handle the blistering speeds of today's top-end bows. Now available in standard thread co...Details
Slick Trick Magnum D6 100gr Broadheads
Slick Trick Standard 125gr 1" Cutting Diameter Broadheads
Blades: .035 SS Lutz Mercedes Blades. Ferrule: Super Steel. Availability: 85gr, 100gr, 125gr. CUT: 1 + 1 = 2 Total Blade Cut. Bladelock: Alcatraz - Patented. TIP: 4 Edge, Bone Splitting. Flight: Field Point, Most Bows. Terrific all around performance. Deadly open 4 blade hole with super bone penetration. Outperforms any 1-1/8 3 blade head cutting 18% more for better holes and bloodtrails.     ...Details
Slick Trick ViperTrick 100 1 1/16"
Slick Trick ViperTrick 100 1 1/16" A deep penetrating cut-on-contact design with strength and durability at the forefront of its maxims; then married with all the laser-like flight characteristics you’d expect from a Slick Trick. All the advantages of a one piece head with the ability to replace blades and maintain nearly two inches of razor-sharp cut. ...Details
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