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Bow Fishing

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AMS Bowfishing Wave Rest
The AMS Wave RestĀ® has proven itself as a durable, easy to use bowfishing arrow rest. It can be easily adjusted to the proper height and distance with the turn of a screw. It is universal to both right and left hand shooters. The Celcon wheel inside the rest rolls with the arrow as it departs, supporting the weight of heavy bowfishing arrows, and preventing excessive wear on the shafts. ...Details
AMS Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel 200# Line
No Buttons to Push Before the Shot Unlike other bowfishing reels, the AMS RetrieverĀ® family of reels have no buttons to push before the shot and no clumsy spools to hand-wind. The line is simply stacked into a bottle. As you shoot, the line flies out of the reel as fast as the arrow can take it. To retrieve the arrow, simply pull the trigger and turn the handle. Integrated Telescoping Clamp and Arrow Quiver Super convenient adjustment, remov...Details
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