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Boito Hiker 410 Single Shot Shotgun
Boito Hiker 410 Single Shot Shotgun The Boito hiker is perfect for just what it says. Hiking! With it's short barrel and over all length it can easily be slipped into a back pack or unobtrusively carried with a sling along a potentially dangerous trail. With proper ammunition it is more than capable of dealing with any wilderness threat you might run into. 12" Barrel Length 28" Overall Length ...Details
$229.99 $196.00
Hatsan Optima Single Shot 410g Shotgun
Hatsan Optima Single Shot 410g Shotgun 410gauge, 3" chamber Single barrel with hammer 410g is capable of firing 3" and 2-1/2" shells Nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel barrels with internal chrome plating Ventilated, checkered antiglare rib - medium width (8mm) White chrome plated steel receiver Soft, rubber butt pad Sling swivels Blued barrel finish Nickel receiver finish Wood Stock Full choke 26" Barrel ...Details
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